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Increase your and your employees' awareness to can prevent cyber attacks that could irreparably ruin your business and your earnings.

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For over 3 years I have been able to boast a valuable partnership with a company expert in the IT security sector: Neat Consulting. His professionalism and ethics allow me to offer an additional service, essential for every website.

Better safe than sorry, say an Ethical Hacker

IT security is often underestimated because it is thought not to be an attractive target. But is that really the case? Absolutely not! Even the smallest businesses can be subject to cyber attacks that could irreparably damage a site in production, steal valuable information from the company and its customers, damage the company's image and much more ...

Tailor-made strategy and intervention prevention

Security is a process that is built over time. An ongoing journey that must be built with awareness and the right tools is the only real way to protect all that is most important to a company. Through my partnership with Neat Consulting, I offer my clients a customised security toolkit, employee awareness training programmes, frequent audits and tips on how to best optimise their onsite security.

Below are our services in detail...

Cyber security

Some of the main activities we perform ...

Security audits

A security audit is a review of the security level of a site or company. It is an independent review and examination of the website, files and related applications. The purpose of these audits is to improve the level of information security, avoid leaks and optimise the efficiency of security protections and processes.

Data protection

Thanks to more than a decade of experience in the field of my partner Neat Consulting, we offer companies, freelancers and anyone with a website a high level of data protection. With a few prevention techniques, we prevent your sensitive data from being put at the mercy of ill-intentioned persons from anywhere in the world.

Tailored strategies

Each company or website has its own requirements, often different from those of other companies in the same sector. That is why we offer a preliminary analysis and evaluation service that will allow us, together with you, to propose some different strategies to defend the sensitive data of your customers and yours.


In addition to analyses and interventions, we also train and make your employees and customers aware of the countless pitfalls of the web and the mismanagement of the tools/data in their possession. It is not mental terrorism, it is simple awareness. An awareness that is often the key to a safe and secure system.


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