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What does the SEO Specialist do?


The SEO Specialist is the one who (through research, analysis, technical operations, and content suggestions) takes care of increasing the authority of your website and, consequently, its position in the SERP (search results).

Increase organic traffic to optimize promotional costs ...

The goal of SEO optimization is to increase organic visits. Thanks to my work I will ensure that your users will access your website through the most searched keywords on the web. Taking advantage of an SEO strategy aimed at the production of qualitative content and technical optimization, you will be able to increase the conversion of any promotion on Social Networks. Thanks to re-marketing operations it will also be possible to increase conversions and reduce the cost per action.

What operations do I perform?

The operations carried out are of two types: technical and content.

The technical operations include updates, security operations, analysis and speed optimization.

The content operations instead, are all those operations, linked to the chosen SEO strategy. In fact, it is about market and competition analysis. Search, suggest, and monitor keywords and content. I will support your Copywriter in writing SEO-friendly content. I will suggest topics, keywords, and Map.

below are my services in detail ...

Services of an SEO Specialist

Some of the main tasks I perform…

Market analysis

In order for me to identify the best optimization strategy, I will carry out in-depth market research, study of the competition, trends and interests of users who are looking for what your business offers.

Continuous tracking of keywords

I constantly monitor the most important keywords, position changes, volumes, user behavior and all those metrics that are essential for me to make changes in line with your market.

Indexing troubleshooting

It will be my task, on a daily basis, to analyze the health of your site via software and make all the necessary changes in total autonomy. Thanks to this your site will always be perfect in the eyes of Google. 

Suggestion & Content Review

SEO is mostly text. Monthly I will provide you with suggestions on new blog posts and which keywords to use. I will assist the Copy Writer so that all texts are perfectly SEO Friendly.

Visitor behavior analysis

What visitors do on your site is very important. It helps us improve its structure, and usability and leads the user to the action we like. Thanks to specific software I will visualize this data and I will convert it, for you, into actions to be carried out.


I will take care of keeping your site and related plugins updated. This to
guarantee you greater responsiveness and maximum security, highlighting bugs and flaws that could compromise the stability of the website.

Speed up and caching

I continuously monitor the speed and status of your website, optimizing it as much as possible. Where necessary I take care of CDN management, caching, LightSpeed monitoring for the best performance.

Web Security Verification and Optimization

Thanks to the use of advanced Web Firewalls, secure servers, 2FA protection, IP blocking and suspicious live activity, your website will be protected from the potential threats that attack WordPress sites more and more.

How much does SEO cost?

Not much in comparison to the organic potential in 70% of sectors.

SEO auditsControl and Review
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Before any SEO optimization operation it is good to do a thorough analysis of your website. This operation generally highlights the main technical problems (and how to solve them), the potential of one's market, the main keywords used and their volumes and an analysis of the speed and performance of one's website. Generally, an SEO Audit costs from €249.

Find out more about SEO Audit
SEO On GoingContinuous optimization
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To obtain the benefits of organic indexing, it is advisable to follow a constant optimization path. Thanks to the monthly plans, I will be able to constantly monitor your site, and its performance, optimize and update it, suggest new content, assist the copywriter in drafting blog posts, and analyze everything. Choose the plan that best suits your website's needs and volume. Subscriptions start at €199 and include additional benefits.
Part-Time AnalystAt the service of your company
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If you need constant SEO optimization of a high-volume site, I can also offer my experience as a part-time employee on-site or remotely. This solution will allow you to have access to a lower hourly cost. Ideal for medium-large companies with high content production.


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