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What does the web developer do?


The Web Developer is the one who materially creates the Website. His main responsibilities are to create a site that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, stable and above all safe.

Entrust the creation of a site to a web developer, it will cost you less ...

Let's make it clear right away: beware of downward websites of dubious quality or "precompiled" services for the development of websites, often and willingly too limited. These choices, due to their deliberate simplicity, involve intrinsic limits that heavily penalize the Website itself against Google. It is preferable to keep that budget for the future, it would be a waste.

What makes my sites different?

The time and passion to make them. My Web Sites are not pre-compiled packages or piece-by-piece sites. They are unique pieces, created from scratch according to the real needs of the customer, follow a targeted customer journey, have solid pillars, "idiot-proof" usability, maximum performance and high protection against growing threats.

below are my services in detail ...

Services of a Web Developer

Some of the main tasks I perform…

Server configuration

I assist you in finding the best domain and choosing the most suitable hosting. I therefore take care of the configuration of cPanel or WHM, DNS, Records, Database and all those operations related to the Web Hosting of your Website.

WordPress websites

After many years of experience with this CMS, I offer my know-out for the creation of Websites with WordPress CMS or for consultancy to Webmasters or Owners of existing websites. Four eyes are better than two…

Custom portals

If something like this doesn't exist, we create it from scratch. Thanks to the knowledge of this CMS I create customized portals for the most diverse needs. E-learning portals, B2B portals and much more. Fully customized…

User experience

Before being "chic", a website must be simple. What characterizes my websites is their extreme intuitiveness combined with refined and minimal graphics that will never tire your visitor; but it will encourage him to continue …

Restyling Existing Sites

Ideal for a website that does its job but needs a refresh. I deal with the complete revision and restoration of WordPress websites on the graphic and structural side. I will also take care of new features and updates.

Data tracking configuration

What makes the difference in a site is its ability to adapt to its visitors and new trends. Thanks to the analysis software support and heat maps, together we will find the critical issues and potential of your website.

Personalized emails

I take care of the creation of system e-mails (New order, notifications from the site, forgotten password and many others…) complete customized both on the graphic and technical side with the addition of personalized fields.

Advanced security

A site that is not updated and with even small critical issues can turn into a real nightmare for your brand and for your pockets. I take care of analyzing your site and carry out preventive interventions to obtain maximum security.

How much does a website cost?

Choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Analysis & Bug FixesControl and Review
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I offer my know-out to other Web Developers and Website owners to analyze their site, identify critical issues and find the ideal solution to the specific case. I also offer consultancy for new features. Upon request, I create detailed analysis reports with critical points, comments, instructions and solutions.
Website CreationTailored to your needs
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Development of Showcase Web Sites, E-Commerce, Blogs, Forums, e-learning portals and interactive portals. Prices vary according to the features required and the time needed to create a quality product. In the case of Sito Vetrina it starts from €499. Contact me to receive a detailed quote.
Part-Time WebmasterAt the service of your company
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Depending on the projects, I can also offer my experience as a part-time employee on site or remotely. This solution will allow you to have access to a lower hourly cost. Ideal for medium-large companies that need constant monitoring and optimization of their website.


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