February 16, 2023

Abandoned cart, the nightmare of e-commerce. How to recover abandoned carts in your store.

You might be surprised at the number of users who arrive at the checkout page but don't complete the payment for your product. Let's find out together how to recover all these orders.
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Every day potential customers enter your site, add your product or service to their cart but don't buy it. The classic abandoned cart! This is a very frequent "disease" among all e-commerce. Something that is impossible to avoid. Not to avoid, but to exploit it for sell more it is possible, let's see how…

Abandoned cart email, efficiency guaranteed

When a customer places a product in your cart and goes to the checkout page, they often unconsciously release key information. Using this information we will be able to send to that specific user (even a simple visitor, not registered) one reminder email. In this email (usually sent between 24 and 72 hours after abandoning the cart) can we kindly remind him of his cart. “Stabout to run out of stock of the product in the cart“, “Don't forget about your products in your cart" or "Only a few steps left for shipping” are just some of the subjects of the reminder emails most used by my customers. An eye-catching subject associated with a personalized and branded email body will help recover that potential order which, surely, without this system would have gone lost. And know that the “cart recovery” rates will be even more surprising

Abandoned cart with Woocommerce

They are present on WordPress numerous applications which allow integration with woocommerce and the abandoned cart recovery feature. This is often suggested sending completely personalized e-mails through external services (to avoid ending up in SPAM). Avoid using standard emails, these could reduce the “recovery” rate. I usually install and configure this feature on my clients' sites in few hours. Click here if you are interested in activating this feature on your site efficiently and flawlessly. With very little expense you could recover up to 75% of abandoned carts. Much money.

Abandoned cart with Shopify

As with Woocommerce, this feature can also be used with Shopify.

Abandoned cart coupon

If maybe a recovery email wasn't enough, we can always be more daring. Thanks to the integration of a coupon in the email button we may also offer an additional discount. A discount that, upon clicking on the e-mail, will be shown already applied to the checkout page. But this is just one example, there are no limits to the imagination…

Start recovering all abandoned carts now

If you have experience with WP plugins, configuring automations, using transactional emails via an external service, you can proceed independently. With a little patience you should configure everything and be able to carry out the necessary tests.

If instead you'd rather leave it to me I advise you to click here to set up a very short free video call with me. We will evaluate the needs together and I will be able to tell you the necessary times and costs. Know that we are talking about a few hours of work, nothing compared to the probable hundreds of euros lost every week.

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