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February 16, 2023

Custom notifications and emails for your website

Sending personalized system e-mails guarantees you greater authority, the certainty that the recipient reads them and increases the conversion of the CTAs. Let's find out how to make your site's communications professional.
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If you have a website you will know that Your site sends your visitors or customers emails. If you have an e-commerce your customer will receive notifications of new orders, shipment completed, password reset and much more. If, on the other hand, you have a showcase website or a blog, maybe send courtesy email ("Thank you for sending the message" for example) or of enrollment confirmation to Newsletters. Here you are! You need to know that these emails are probably the default ones if you haven't requested a custom configuration… What if we could personalize them? Call the customer by name? Use eye-catching graphics? Report specific info? Offer up-selling? Let's see together what advantages of these operations …

Choose the style for your personalized emails

The first thing to do is choose one incisive and simple style. Generally based on the site's graphics, I create a standard template (customised, nothing "pre-compiled") for the site's e-mails. Based on your custom template I will then go on to create the various variants for the cases: new order, shipped, reset etc…

If you want to create this template yourself you can use software that allows construction from Builder and export to HTML. If you turn to me, it is included in the cost of the integration.

Order confirmation emails for your customers

If you have an e-commerce, for example, you will have often noticed that your customers will receive an e-mail very similar to this one:


This is the default email. I'd say very bland and unprofessional.

I recommend making something more eye-catching. Something more than just replacing your corporate colors or logo. I recommend changing the structure, make the email more sliding And personalized. Here is one example (with due omissions) used on the website of one of my clients. Let's see this case:


In this case we find not only a graphic aligned to the client's site but also to some additions that could increase customer engagement rate.

We are not just talking about graphics, a personalized e-mail can in fact increase sales and website involvement. We will soon see the advantages in detail.

E-mail confirmation of receipt of message, do you know how useful it is to those who contact you?

Every day probably one or more visitors will use the contact form on your site to send you a message. How do you let them know you've received their message? The integration of a courtesy email is often not foreseen in the standard development of a site. If you don't have it, you must know that this lack can leave the customer in "limbo". Leading him, more often than not, to send the same message twice or more.

To overcome this, to increase one's professionalism and perhaps to invite one's client to read one of your articles or view a product while waiting, we can use personalized messages. You, the site owner, will receive the perfectly paginated body of the message and your customer may receive something like this:


The benefits of custom WordPress and Woocommerce emails

Up to now we have concentrated more on the graphic part. Let's see below some practical advantages of choosing to use personalized emails on your website.

Increase your Brand Identity

Personalized emails with your logo, your corporate colors, your style and your full details will make a better impression on your customer. If you pay this attention in a simple communication, the customer will be curious to discover your attention in something more…

Up-Selling, try to sell something while waiting

In any type of email sent notification you can propose something. You can offer a special discount to those who have perhaps sent a message, a product reserved for those who have already ordered your product, service and much more. The only limit is your imagination. To date, with various customers, we have found the most disparate combinations. And I can guarantee that people don't ignore them like they think.

Give some advice for use before the product reaches your customer

A great way to take advantage of order notifications is to provide information about the product that has just sold. Thanks to this feature we will in fact have the possibility to send different confirmation e-mails depending on the product. Has a customer ordered a digital product? In the order confirmation we can give you the instructions to log in. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a product that includes shipping, we can provide you with instructions on how to track your package. In short, thanks to the possibility of diversifying e-mails according to certain conditions, we could make the user experience completely personalized and more engaging.

How to activate personalized emails on your website?

Thanks to a professional application in a short time I will have the possibility to configure everything on your website. For simple notifications, it takes just a few hours to configure. Clearly the more customizations there are, the more sending conditions and notifications I'll have to configure and the more time it will take. I suggest you set one free no obligation video call with me to evaluate your needs. Evaluate the needs I will propose the best possible solution for you and the relative cost.

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