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December 19, 2022

Indexing websites, meaning and how to do it better

For a Google search to show a specific page on your site, you need to index that page in Google for the relevant keyword. Let's find out how to do it together.
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Indexing, meaning and definition.

Indexing a website is equivalent to providing the information required by the search engine to display one or more pages of the website on the SERP (the list of search results) for specific requests (searches or queries).

However, indexing websites is only an action, not necessarily a good one. Indexing, per se, can be done correctly or inaccurately. The exact meaning is "send information", it will then be the responsibility of the SEO expert who manages the indexing to send this information in the best way. Successful indexing is synonymous with strategy, technical SEO optimization and quality content.

What determines your position on Google?

A page's SERP position for an exact "keyword" is determined by domain authority, site integrity, content quality, and how many (good) people talk about your domain/page.

Index the page, don't index the site

Do not index the website, but page by page … One of the most frequent mistakes when indexing a website is trying to index it as a whole and not page by page. Think of each page as a separate entity with different keywords for each one. In fact, when you create content, you have to research the keywords for that specific page. Massively insert main keywords in multiple pages from the life of the phenomenon of keywords cannibalization.

Keyword cannibalization, what is it? How to avoid it?

We have the phenomenon of keyword cannibalization when different articles or pages of a website can rank for the same Google search query (search). This happens when you choose identical or too similar keywords on different pages. If you index pages for similar search queries, they will compete against each other. We often talk about «Keyword cannibalization» on projects with a “do-it-yourself” SEO. This negatively affects site indexing and can only be corrected with a correct SEO strategy.

noindex, how not to index a page?

If we have talked so far about how to best index a page, the time has come noindex. In specific cases (service pages, message sent, etc.) we may not need to send a certain page to Google. In short, we are not interested in whether this can be reached from a Google search. We want it to be visited only in specific cases. In this case, to avoid optimizing it at its best (an indexed page must meet the minimum SEO requirements), or simply to make it "more hidden" we can set it as noindex?

How to block indexing of a page? No index on page

On WordPress to block indexing, simply go to the desired page (or article or any content) and switch via the SEO management software that you have installed. In case you have Yoast or RankMath it will be sufficient that you go to where you will have the preview of the search result. By clicking on the "Advanced" tab it will be possible to deactivate the indexing of the page.

How to block indexing of a website? No index on website

If you want to block the total indexing of the website, with WordPress, you can act from "Settings > Reading" of the Dashboard. By selecting the checkbox requesting to discourage search engines from indexing, you are effectively requesting Google or the different search engines to skip this website and everything it includes.

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