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December 19, 2022

Meta description, what is it? Google meta description guide

The Meta Description is an HTML element (tag) that specifies the "short description" of a web page. Following a few rules will help you…
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Each page, to be displayed in the results list, must present a short presentation. It must be concise, complete, Google friendly, attractive and all in just 150 characters. Let's find out how to use them to our advantage.

What is Meta Description?

The Meta Description is an HTML element (tag) that specifies the "short description" of a web page. Appears as a short preview of the search snippet in the SERP, below the title. It, together with the Meta Title and at the SLUG composes the search preview on the SERP.

What should a great Meta Description include?

It must not exceed 150 characters. It must include your main keyword and some secondary keywords. What you write will be the first thing a visitor sees about you.

Don't forget the meta description feature!

It has an SEO function, but its main function is to provide a preview of the page. Briefly explain what you will be showing on the next page. Be specific, not generic…

The Meta Description on Facebook and Twitter

You can also use the meta description as an OpenGraph or Twitter Cards description. Set it up in your SEO software.

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